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    Born in Madrid in 1979, he began his musical studies in several conservatories in his hometown, until he finally studied composition with Jesús Torres. Since 2003, he combines his works as composer with teaching in his own musical academy, the Mingui Estudio, which he created in 2007. He is also founder and member of Ensemble 24 Strings.

     His music has reached several countries along Europe, as well as United States and Mexico thanks to interpreters such as Sisco Aparici, Grup Instrumental de Valencia, Proyecto Guerrero, Grupo Dhamar, Duo Heinrich Schütz, Nure Ensemble Contemporáneo, Mark Pekarsky Ensamble, Alea III, Grupo Illana, 24 Strings, Esemble Residencias and Künstler Ensemble. Likewise, his work has received recognition from domestic institutions like CDMC, the Autonomous Comunity of Madrid and INJUVE, and in International Compostition Competitions in Germany, Russia, United States and Austria.

     Some of his projects for 2011, among others, are his collaborations with 11 Abrazos, Mario Prisuelos and Galan Ensemble.



In November 2010, José Minguillón was in the studies of RNE, Radio Clásica. Here you can listen to the interview, conducted by Álvaro Guibert, for the program: Música Viva. [The interview is in Spanish]

MP3 Entrevista Radio Clásica








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